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Eagle Academy is located at Chatrapati Nagar with branches at Deendayal Nagar, Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur. Eagle Academy is a knowledge hub providing all the possible facilities to build the personality and character of the students. Environment at Eagle Academy ensures the intellectual and personal growth of students.Teachers are friendly and approachable, personal attention will be given to students.

Teachers are friendly and approachable, personal attention will be given to students.

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Eagle Academy

We at Eagle Academy are dedicated to providing high quality education that delivers real benefits to our student. We offer a modern, flexible setting that stimulates exciting ideas. There is excellent interaction between student and professor. Studying with us would be enjoyable and rewarding experience. However it takes a high level of commitment and dedication. You must also be prepared to commit the necessary time and energy. "Like any other activity, the rewards are determined by the effort you put in"
Studying at this level will allow you to gain a deeper, richer understanding and appreciation.
We believe in opportunities for all and this is reflected in our commitment to widening participation. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from lifelong and gain the skills which allow you to achieve your goal.
We are confident that our support makes us the right choice for many students. "Your time as a student is probably the best of your life - a time when you gain your independence, make lifelong friends and prepare yourself for your new career. One of the best things about being student is the senses of belonging you feel."

"Our aim is to make sure that you feel ready and confident about starting your studies here with us."

Yogini Kingri